You might be thinking, “Why this guy is posting about CSGO Skins on the tax-related blog?”. Well, I love CSGO, and today, I am going to answer one of the most asked questions. Should I buy skins or rent them?

I saw lots of kids or big boys spending tons of money on buying high-quality skins like Dragon Lore, Medusa, etc. These skins generally cost anywhere around $1000 to $30k for souvenir ones. You need to stop here; you really need to think again; buying skins with such a price tag is a wise thing?

I used to buy costly skins myself for a long time; I got a really good CSGO inventory too. This inventory cost me around $5k+. Yes, I am one of those guys who love to show his skins in-game. People do get amazed when they saw me using M4A4 The Emperor or Bowie Marble Fade. But in the end, it’s just a game. Last year, I was hyped to buy AWP Medusa in Factory new condition. I saved around $2200 for the good float. I was negotiating for the skin with a guy from China. We both agreed on the price of a $2350 bank transfer.

I told about this with my cousin; he is a really good CSGO. He already got the AWP medusa in FT Condition, and I always thought he bought that skin. I never paid attention and cared to ask him how much he paid for the skin. Then he gave me sweet advice, “Don’t waste money on buying skin with such a price tag, Lower range one is ok, but not that pricey.” As soon as he said that line, I realized that he didn’t buy the skin. Instead, he must be using some CSGO rental sites.

And I was right, I asked him about his AWP Medusa. He said, “He is using Loot Bear to get those skins.” I felt so stupid at this point. He said he got bored using Medusa and going to rent a Dragon Lore for a few months for a couple of bucks. He told me, Its just not worth spending so much money because he gets bored using one skin for months.

So guys, I just want to tell you, don’t waste your hard-earned money on buying costly skins, just get them on rent and when you are bored just return them. I got myself AWP Medusa and Karambit Doppler from the Loot Bear. Loot Bear got 8 days free trial too if you want to test the water.